Valdosta State University (VSU) – Strategy, Messaging & Media Planning

The Client

Valdosta State University (VSU)

The Challenge

Connect the brand and VSYOU campaign to the overall strategy and media buy for VSU.  CA Marketing was tasked with determining what did the VSYOU Campaign mean and was the marketing campaign reaching the students.

The Solution

We conducted market research and focus groups to see how current messaging was being used, audit creative pieces and messages used to reach prospective students and current students. We held a strategy and brand audit workshop with the marketing, graphics and admissions team to see how they defined VSU brand and “What VSYOU campaign meant to them?” During the workshop, it was determined there was a disconnect between the brand and the VSYOU Campaign and messaging.  Digital ads, billboards and brochures were well received however there was inconsistency across all pieces with too many headlines and messages, different logos and call to action.

CA Marketing also conducted an online survey to gain insight and opinions from high school students on the college decision making process and knowledge of colleges in the region  The results were used to provide VSU with a benchmark on priorities such as academics, student life, financial aid and how they like to be communicated to.

After review of the media plan, it was determined that there was no real strategy to the media buy in the past couple of years, CA Marketing reviewed current and new contracts for their relevance and fit and analyzed the data and google analytics from past campaigns with the VSYOU campaign strategy.




CA Marketing created a Brand Report to help align the brand, vision and messages. We created new VSYOU messages that spoke to each specific audience- students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, business leaders, and community – to align the VSYOU campaign with the overall strategy of Valdosta State University. In addition, we used the results of the focus groups and online survey to update messaging and validate the marketing channels that were most effectively reaching students (emails, videos and website).

We also made recommendations to update the media plan and buy to effectively expand the marketing outreach geographically both to reach students in Florida as well as to focus on the South Georgia region to create brand awareness and excitement for the current students, Alumni and community.

CA Marketing worked closely with VSU throughout the year to provide strategy and update messaging and creative pieces.