Brookfield Academy Social Media

The Client

Brookfield Academy, an Early Learning Childcare Center

The Challenge

To utilize social media more effectively.

The Solution

CA Marketing Group was brought on to develop a social media strategy for Brookfield Academy’s Facebook community. Brookfield wanted to use Facebook to connect with their parents as well as a recruitment medium for future children (parents) and staff members. In the past, Brookfield used Facebook sporadically to update parents on events, openings/closings, and children’s activities and pictures.

CA Marketing’s first step was to review Brookfield’s current social media posts, engagement and awareness in the local community and with parents. After the analysis, it was determined a social media calendar was needed to effectively manage frequency and incorporate the childcare center’s onsite events, holidays, enrichment activities and recruitment needs. And lastly, additional content such as early learning activities and crafts, onsite activities (music, dance, etc.) and staff shout outs was developed and sourced to share with their Facebook community.


As a result of creating a social media calendar and posting more frequently, Brookfield Academy saw a 200 percent increase in engagement in the first two weeks.  CA Marketing is continuing to manage their social media content to keep Brookfield top of mind with parents and the community.